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Cycling can save Environment,Keep you fit, ironically Atlas cycle shuts factory on World cycle day

Cycling is eco-friendly

Cycling is good for our Nature because it can save environment. It can be an easy means of transportation which would be eco friendly. If we start cycling for going to our offices , Schools, Market etc. If we want to make our environment green, we have to choose to ride cycles for many different reasons; it could be to save money on the commute to work, for fitness, or to visit a friend in the neighborhood. Regardless, the choice favorably impacts the environment several ways, in addition to reducing carbon dioxide and global warming.

Environment saviour

There are several other benefits of riding Cycle :

Reduces Global warming- cycling reduces carbon emission . A car driving an average of 12,500 miles per year will expend 11,450 pounds of carbon dioxide as per Environmental Protection Agency.

No need of more roadways – While we may not be ready to trade in our car, every day we stay off the roadway reduces the need for our space. If others also choose to cycle some days, there wouldn’t be need for our ever expanding highway system. That means more trees, more open space, and fewer resources needed to build the roads.

Improve IAR quality – according to Environmental Protection Agency different means of transportation causes 35% of carbon emission . Cycling is a zero emissions way to get from place to place; as a cyclist, you will definitely appreciate clean air and contribute to save environment.

Help you to stay fit – cycling can help us to stay fit because when you do cycling your heart, blood vessels and lungs all get a workout. you will breathe deeper, perspire and experience increased body temperature, which will improve your overall fitness level. 15 minutes to cycling, to and from work will burn 11 pounds of fat in a year. Cycling is impact free and easier on the body than running.

Despite so much of benefit of cycling no government promotes it . Ironically on the world Cycle day , one of the oldest cycle Companies Atlas shuts it’s Ghaziabad factory and laid off around 700 workers.

Workers protesting

In the country like India where population is around 135 crore, where we see crowd in every bus, metro trains and public transport, govt must promote the means of transportation which should be environment friendly and which can be owned by anyone easily. In this condition govt must act and give some kind of help to such Cycle companies who are shutting their factory due to no revenue generation. Govt , ministers should set an example by going office by Cycle to promote it to save our environment.


Published by Raju Prasad

A writer, thinker, and inquisitive learner.

11 thoughts on “Cycling can save Environment,Keep you fit, ironically Atlas cycle shuts factory on World cycle day

  1. Ironically it’s world environment day today. Cycling can save our environment. People have to be aware about climate change.

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  2. Cycling has so many benefits but I think we are so used to our luxurious life. It’s sad to know about Atlas store and about their workers.

    Liked by 1 person

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