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If Assam can set up agro production companies to deal with unemployment & generate revenue due to Covid-19 crisis, why not Bihar?

I read somewhere how Assam is using agriculture for a huge source of revenue for the state. The State has generated a good revenue through agriculture in 70 days’ lockdown period. The state earned around 357 crore by horticulture during lockdown by exporting vegetables to other states apart from fulfilling own requirement. That is a positive news and sets an example for other states whose income is based on agriculture.

Chief Minister of Assam, Sarbananda Sonowal

The chief minister of Assam Sarbananda Sonowal has decided to set up Farmers’ Producers Company in the state for ramping up agricultural production, collection and ensuring linkage with the national and international markets. That is a very good step taken by him. Farmers’ producers Company will be set up in each district of Assam. In order to ensure supply of certified seeds to farmers, the Chief Minister instructed for setting up at least one seed distribution centre in every district. He also asked the department to prepare a detailed action plan for capturing the market of entire Northeast region along with the local markets. This is a very appropriate plan which will give strength to the farmers.

He appealed the youths of his state to take interest in horticulture and farming. Agriculture can be the new avenue of being “Atam Nirbhar”. Scientific process, innovations and modern technology will make it more easy and productive. The farmers’ producers company will provide employment to 500 people in each district. Such innovative plan is good for the States whose bigger source of income is agriculture. It should be adopted by other States too.

I would like to recommend this to the government of Bihar. Because it would be beneficial for farmers there. But it’s up to the leaders Bihar. Because it is all about the will power of the local leadership how they want to develop their local areas no matter from which party they belong to. Leadership of the state of any political party which is in the power matters a lot. This depends on the chief minister and his ministers of the state how they are handling the issues of of the people and how they are going to put the state on path of progress by providing the solution of unemployment, education, health, infrastructure and above all the poverty.

Chief minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar

Currently all the migrant labourers of Bihar have returned home. It’s time for the state govt to encourage them towards agriculture. Provide, innovative and scientific method of horticulture. Like Assam govt did. Nitish Kumar should also announce to set up farmers’ producers company in each district which will ramp up agricultural production, collection and ensure linkage with the national and international markets and it will also employ people from each district. If something like this is done in Bihar, it will be a milestone. Youths must be motivated and encouraged by the govt towards agriculture so that they get inclined towards it and would use scientific methods and innovative ideas in farming and horticulture.


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A writer, thinker, and inquisitive learner.

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