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Covid-19 and rising superstition on Coronavirus in rural areas of India

All the world is afraid of Covid-19 pandemic. There is still no medicine or vaccine of this pandemic. Scientists of the world are working on war footing to discover the vaccine or medicine of Coronavirus. People are keeping themselves aware about this disease and being careful owing to the fear of Covid-19. But during this pandemic Superstition has also begun in many parts of India.

Recently , I read a news that a maulana named Aslam used to kiss his followers’ hands to protect from Coronavirus and keep the virus away. He himself died of Covid-19 and gave infection of Coronavirus to his 29 of other followers in Ratlam district of Madhyapradesh.

According to information from the Health Department, so far 85 people have been found infected in Ratlam district, Madhyapradesh. The administration has nabbed all such baba’s and maulanas and kept in quarantine.

Women worship Corona Mai in Bihar

Almost in every part of India we are hearing news nowadays also that women are worshiping “Corona Mai” mostly in rural areas. Women offer 9 Ladoos , 9 cloves and nine flowers in an empty farming land while worshiping Corona Mai to pacify her and to make her happy. While worshiping the women sing songs and say “Go Corona Mai”. There are reports of sacrificing the lives of hens and goats to make Cororna Mai happy at some places. This is happening in Bihar, Bengal, Orissa, Jharkhand, Assam even in south india I have read.

What a bizarre superstition ! Aren’t there some people in every village or society who can stop all these nonsense and their idiotic activites.

If there are people who are doing so and becoming superstitious, that means they are not aware about this Coronavirus. They don’t have complete knowledge of Covid-19. These people should be made aware about it and should be told not to do such superstitious things. No, Maulana, no baba or worshiping can save us from Coronavirus except medicine or vaccine. People have to maintain social distancing, wash hands with soaps, wear masks, don’t go outside or create crowd etc which only can save us from Covid-19 at present situation. These things needs to be done. Even in villages In every family, there may be youths, students and educated persons who can make their elders understand and try to make them aware about Covid-19 if any family member is superstitious and involved in such idiotic activites. Please don’t spread superstition,try to stop it .

We can imagine a progressive society only when there is awareness, logical and intelectual development along with education in every section and area of the society. I think that people living in the rural background of the village are also alert and clever and do not accept such orthodoxy ans Superstition because originally, I am also from a Village. Wherever such Superstition is happening , the concious residents of the place should at least convince such people and give them correct information so that such people stay away from Superstition. It is necessary for the moral and intelectual development of our society.


Published by Raju Prasad

A writer, thinker, and inquisitive learner.

11 thoughts on “Covid-19 and rising superstition on Coronavirus in rural areas of India

  1. Ya that’s the problem with us, isn’t it? We believe in all these superstitions. And the problem is it is not only in rural India, but it is also in the cities. I hear so many stories from family and friends in India and I just get too scared of it. I do hope they get the medicine soon as that’s the only thing that can save us.

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