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Most of the people who are impacted by Covid-19 heading towards mental health crisis like Depression & Suicidal tendency

We know that Covid-19 is a real nightmare for those people have been badly effected by it. Crores of people have been unemployed and secluded by Covid-19 in India. Doctors are warning that it can trigger the cases of anxiety, depression and suicide in the country in a large number.

There are few people I have interacted who lost their jobs in March due to Covid-19 and they are still unemployed. They said there was no new job in the market right now. They have been searching for jobs for four months since when they lost their jobs, but they haven’t got success to find new jobs. They’re compelled to live in the face of insurmountable odds.

Jeet(Changed name) said that he was working in an MNC, Gurugram but he had lost his job in March due to Covid-19 . He has been unemployed for four months. Every day he searches for jobs on different job portatl but he has not got any job yet. He is in stress and said that he’s heading towards depression now. There are 5 members in his family. He was the sole earner of the livelihood of the family. He has two school goer kids . He has to pay the EMI of home loan & credit cards. School fee of kids has to be paid. School threatens that if he doesn’t pay fee for so the called online classes of his kids ,they will be thrown out and their online class will be stopped and their names will be cut off. Bank is giving moratorium but they will charge the interest rate of three months moratorium equals to one month’s EMI. “What shall I do in this situation, Sometimes my mind stops working”, said jeet. “The govt is not for the people like me who is totally helpless, what can I get the benefits of 20 lakh crore package of the govt “, he questions.

Kumar one of my best friends who became the father of twins in April, lost his job in April itself. He was working with a media house but his company fired him without any intimation giving the reason of Covid-19 . His twins were born premature so they had to be kept in ICU for two months in a hospital. One day of hospital cost was equal to his a month salary. It was the biggest insurmountable situation for him at that time when he had no job and he was passing through this phase. For Sometimes he was also Depressed thinking how to tackle the situation but he is of very positive attitude. Anyhow he got a way to tackle that problem and got over it. But he is also still unemployed. He always keeps positive attitude.

Sonia was working with a Company in Gurugram . It her first job. But due to Covid-19 her company fired her in April. “I was Depressed, I could not eat and sleep well thinking of my future, I have not got any job yet, I was very afraid and Depressed here so went to my hometown”, said sonia.

There are thousands of people like Jeet, Kumar and Sonia who have the similar stories and who are going through the toughest situation of their lives due to Covid-19.

As per data around 12 crore people had lost their jobs till April in India. According to indian psychiatri society survey, after Covid-19 in india around 20% cases of mental illness has increased and in every five one indian is effected by this . Psychiatrists feel that further worsening situations could lead to severe mental health issues, even triggering suicidal tendencies.

Job loss, financial crisis, social seclusion are main reason which are triggering depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies. These people do not have much expectations from the government as well. Because they know that for these middle class or salaried class people who have lost their jobs and are in stress and anxiety , will not get any kind of help. The ones who have been unemployed for four months and not see any silver lining right now, the govt should help them because haplessness will lead them to depression and anxiety. Govt should take some steps for these people as well because they do not have hope from anywhere right now.

If you are having suicidal thoughts, or are worried about a friend or need emotional support, someone is always there to listen.

Call AASRA’s 24×7 Helpline: +91-9820466726 for assistance.

God never shuts all the doors. Always be positive and think that this tough phase will also pass and there will be a new dawn .


Published by Raju Prasad

A writer, thinker, and inquisitive learner.

14 thoughts on “Most of the people who are impacted by Covid-19 heading towards mental health crisis like Depression & Suicidal tendency

  1. It has been hard on people who have lost jobs, faced pay cuts, and also in families where there have been medical cases. This impacts us people and hence mental health is important. Thanks for sharing the 24*7 helpline.

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  2. The situation isn’t good, job cuts or some companies have said clearly if the situation doesn’t get better there would be job cuts. The impact is huge and helpline like this will help many I am sure.I hope and pray we overcome this situation soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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