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New Zealand is the first country to become Covid-19 free in the world – How did they defeat Coronavirus ,Can India do so ?

How would you feel when you hear that your nation is covid-19 free ? I would feel like jubilant and would be so happy if this curse is gone. The people of New Zealand feel the same and celebrating this victory over Covid-19 because New Zealand has become the first country to defeat coronavirus. New Zealand has no active cases of Covid-19 now since February. They have drop covid-19 restrictions after nation declared virus free.

The prime minister of New Zealand jacinda Ardern said, ” New Zealanders would live in a country “where life feels as normal as we can in the time of a global pandemic”

Jacinda Ardern

Jacinda Ardern says she ‘did a little dance’ when she heard there were no cases of coronavirus left in the country. What a leadership ! Ardern has drawn global headlines and praise from the World Health Organization for her government’s approach to the virus, with a strict and cautious approach that appears to have paid off. On 25 March she locked down the country for four weeks requiring that most New Zealanders remained at home most of the time before gradually easing restrictions. 

The population of New Zealand is around 50 lac. New Zealand had reported just over 200 confirmed cases when the government shut down the country, and the total number of diagnosed instances of the virus never topped 1,500.  Only 22 people died of Covid-19 in New Zealand. Such low ratio ! They handled it greatly.

The people of New Zealand followed the lockdown properly. They supported their government. New Zealanders had massively reduced their movements. according to Google data, people had stayed at home more than residents in Australia, Britain , India and the United States had.  This is result of cooperation of the people and government that they’re in jubilation today.

Worldwide , the confirmed Coronavirus cases passed 7 million. The current figure stands at 7,006,436. At least 402,699 people have died in the global pandemic so far till June 9,2020.

In India, the confirm Coronavirus cases are 2,56,611 out of which 1,24,430 have been recovered. 7,200 have been deceased. The situation of India is getting deteriorated day by day because everyday we’re getting around 10,000 cases and it’s increasing fastly. Meanwhile, the govt of India has announced to unlock everything in different phases. What will be the impact ?

There is no medicine or vaccine have been discover yet of this pandemic. Only way to defeat coronavirus right now is social distancing and staying home. But if the governments are reopening everything like temples, churches, mosques, Gurudwaras, shopping malls, restaurants and all the public places, they will cause to increase the graph of of Coronavirus cases in India highest. If government thinks of her revenue and economy and putting the lives of public at risk , this is unfortunate. We know economy is necessary and it has to be revived , govt should do something else and use some other ways for this so that public is not effected directly. Cooperation between government and people also require to tackle this problem like New Zealand handled it.


Published by Raju Prasad

A writer, thinker, and inquisitive learner.

16 thoughts on “New Zealand is the first country to become Covid-19 free in the world – How did they defeat Coronavirus ,Can India do so ?

  1. I feel that we can fight the current situation by taking care of ourselves too. The government can help us to a certain limit if we don’t practice and maintain the discipline of social distancing and limiting ourselves to the homes we need to take precautions in India.

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    1. You’re right. The cooperation of people is also required to fight with Covid-19. The people of New Zealand followed the rules of lockdown which was made by their govt , and they defeated Covid-19. We can also defeat it if we understand our responsibilities.


  2. This is amazing!India should take a lesson from them. But its almost more than 2 months, Govt didnt take that much of actions. How long people will follow these? In India things are going worst day by day.

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  3. Jacinda Ardern is absolutely amazing. She is a very good leader. Having said that it is also the people who diligently followed the lockdown rules and never protested. In India it becomes tricky as there are too many people and our biggest enemy is poverty which complicates things. It’s not possible to shut down the country for so many weeks with people following religiously.

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  4. Every country does its best to protect their people, however it is also the responsibility of the people to follow the rules. Unfortunately Indians don’t understand the cruciality of any situation until it is too late and then they do what they know best, blame everyone else.

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  5. I personally believe that in a situation like this – like a pandemic – in a country, it’s just not the government, citizens are equal contributors too and consider themselves responsible towards society at large.

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